Students who wish to accelerate their learning or who wish to make up credits are encouraged to take courses from Florida Virtual High School. Florida Virtual High School is an internet-based high school funded by the Florida legislature. The courses offered are based on the Sunshine State Standards and provide Florida's students with an alternative way to earn credits for high school graduation. A major characteristic of this system is the expectation that students assume full responsibility for learning by locating, evaluating, and using a wide range of resources available in this information age. These courses are most suited to students who are self-motivated, committed, and fully matured independent learners. All courses taken must follow the Charlotte County High School Guidelines and be approved by the principal and guidance counselor.

Distance learning opportunities supplied through the Florida Virtual School as affiliated with Charlotte County Public Schools are not designed to replace the standard high school experience. These on-line courses are supplements to the regular program and are offered on a limited basis. Students whose general academic and behavioral profiles indicate that they could be successful are encouraged to attempt distance-learning opportunities.

For more information on requirements, course materials, and curriculum offerings:

There are very specific student expectations that should be considered before applying for a distance-learning course. Students must be able to demonstrate the following:

    • organizational skills in a self-paced environment
    • ability to apply critical thinking and problem-solving strategies
    • ability to complete assignments satisfactorily
    • willingness and capability to participate actively in on-line chat-room discussions
    • ability to work independently with continuous face-to-face monitoring
    • word processing skills
    • basic internet skills (search, research, and etiquette)

    In addition, students

    • direct their own learning environment and methods to fulfill course requirements to achieve individual academic success
    • must have a strong commitment to organize and plan their learning
    • take responsibility for meeting at a designated site to return instructional materials and to take final exams
    • provide transportation and accept all liability for any transportation needed in association with any course

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