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Circle of studentsVision of the PCHS honors program

Port Charlotte High School’s honors program is founded on the belief that students be offered opportunities to experience rigorous curriculums through proven, research-based instructional methods that actively engage students in the learning process by exploring application of higher order thinking skills and investigating new approaches to applying their learning.  Courses offered in the honors program will act as vehicles towards insightful questioning, discovery of connections to real world situations, intrinsic motivation, and focused, diligent commitment to life-long learning. A successful student in the PCHS Honors Program is self-motivated, articulate, diligent, responsible, able to set priorities, has refined reading comprehension skills, has strong initiative, and is willing to commit extra hours to studying.  Excellent attendance is required to meet the demands of the honors program.  The requirements for placement in each honors, Dual Credit, and AP course are outlined.

Honors Program Academic Expectations


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